Contour Delight

Follow these quick and easy steps in order to create the perfect Contour Delight. Choose from a range of different contour techniques to achieve a variety of looks.

Look 1: Classic Radiance

  1. Apply Bronzer to the outer temples, over your forehead and then follow round to the outer edge of your face. Finally adding some bronzer down the centre of your nose.
  2. Add some brightener above the edge of your upper brow, under the circles of your eyes, centre of nose and finally bottom of lips.
  3. Add a light blush to the route of your cheekbones.
  4. Add a powdered blush to the centre of your cheekbones.


Look 2: Day Glow

  1. Apply Concealer to the inner-side of your eyes and then on then across the centre of your chin.
  2. Apply Bronzer to the temple of your forehead then do a butterfly wing across your cheekbones and nose.
  3. Apply a tiny pinch of luminizer to the bottom of your chin.
  4. Add a subtle blush in a circular motion to the centre of your cheekbones.


Look 3: Supermodel Sculpt

  1. Apply concealer to the route and then down towards the bottom of your cheekbones. Then apply a line at the temple of your forehead then apply 3 lines at your chin.
  2. Add some brightener to the lower edges of your eyebrows then to the under circles of your eyes.
  3. Apply bronzer to your outer-side of your face and fall round from one cheekbone to the other.
  4. Apply luminizer to the sides of your nose and then above the concealer at your forehead.
  5. Apply Bronzer to your full cheekbone.




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  1. sportcreate says:

    Love the tips. Staff were very helpful and totally transformed my way of thinking in terms of make up and ideas! Will ensure to keep updated for your xmas theme makeup. Highly reccomend this page!


    1. b00284583 says:

      Glad you’re enjoying our page!

      Liked by 1 person

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