Trick or Treat


Halloween’s upon us! Tell us you’re favourite Halloween make-up look by sending us in you’re make-up ideas! Best picture will win our new range of winter inspired lipsticks.


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  1. sportcreate says:

    Such easy and fantastic ideas for halloween will definitely try this one out! Did you use just face paint or foundation? Need to get this Trick or Treat Look for Halloweed

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    1. b00284583 says:

      Glad you liked our ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired make-up look! For this look we used a primer first to prime the skin and then used white and black face paint. We also used a black eye pencil to make drawing the circles around the eye’s a little easier! Share you’re look with us! We’d love to see it!

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  2. juventasweb says:

    Definitely going to try pull off this look for Halloween. Love how it’s done in stages cause it makes it much easier to follow!

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    1. b00284583 says:

      Glad we’ve helped to make it easier for you!!


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